A good girl is happy to let Daddy use her anyway and anytime he wants.
What do you expect? A princess has to do something while being stuck in a castle all day.

My inbox has 31 guys telling me they want to “Whip out their cocks, put it between your tits, and cum in your face” or “Beat you with my dick”

If I got paid for sucking and fucking each of you that message me per day wanting sex, I would be fucking rich. Seriously I actually get turned on when I think about how many people have masturbated to me and blown a load while I am on their mind. When I am fucking myself there are times when I will actually sit here and ask myself “I wonder how many of my followers are getting off right now thinking about me?” You all might not know it but I want you just as much as you want me. <3

*OK, maybe not as much as you want me but you get the picture.

titsnclitz: Your blog gets me so hard

I’m sorry? :(

Gelbooru: Satofuji Masato | [nsfwsenpai]
Anonymous: Glad you decided to stay home with your adoring fans Miss Flower fuckslut! ;) We are going to be having lots of fun into the early hours dear.

We? I Will be having lots of fun into the early hours but YOU won’t be involved since you are anon :)

Anonymous: I want to put my dick between your tits and cum all over your face

Ended up staying home instead of hitting the club tonight meaning I didn’t fool around so if you buried your cock between my tits and gifted me with a facial I would totally be all over that cock instantly.

Aunty Flower might have started out teaching him how to have sex but now he knows what she likes and it always gets her going.

I can relate with this so much! When Max cums and knots inside of me it is one of those moments where your body tightens up and you scream in your head “HOLY SHIT!”
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